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Sep 5, 2013

Oh, this poor, little blog...

I was so keen and excited when I got this blog up and running all those years ago. Then I thought of another subject to blog on, and started another blog, and then another differently themed blog and then another.

Then I was convinced to give another blogging platform a go, and slowly my posts on this blog faded away. I feel so sorry for this blog, I'm sorry and ashamed of myself for ignoring it in this way. I recently posted a link to the blog though, and I'm hoping there's been a little more activity, with people visiting... I haven't been game enough to check though. Maybe later, after I've finished this abject post of apology...

I'm still in love with my dogs, the real ones - they still give me something to smile about every day. Whether it's Nena the schnauzer asking for a pat, or Lah Dee the boy pharaoh doing something totally clown-like, they still bring me joy. I can hardly imagine the sad life I'd be living if I didn't have these four canine companions living their life in my house with me.

Tomorrow will be an election focused day, with the dogs all left at home, while Graham, and then me, do our volunteer work, handing out how to vote cards for Nick Xenophon in the Senate. So, vote 1 Nick X in the Senate!

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