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Jul 13, 2008

Poor little Jenne

Today little Jenne has been to see our vet, Chris. She's got immune system problems by the look of it.
I hope she's going to be well again soon. Jenne is the puppy girl we've kept for showing, along with her broher Jeebers - Simpsons fans will giggle, others - ask a teenager!
This is our 'J' litter. Holkschter Kennels began breeding schnauzers at 'Z' and we are working our way back toward 'A'.
It's been fun, coming up with the names over the years and we've had some great names 'Holkschter So Sumi' - good name, beautiful girl; 'Holkschter Upper Crust' - he was a good boy, just didn't really like dog showing, 'Holkschter Que Sera Sera' - again a beautiful girl with the most wonderful temperament, 'Holkschter Yana Went' - also didn't like showing much.
I feel like we've got a theme happening here - don't like showing. Thank goodness for Holkschter Kiss me Quick - she likes to be out and about, and Holkschter La De Da who doesn't mind the odd show here and there. Thank goodness too for 'Ch Holkschter Rangler Jane' - loved to show and always did her very best. She's still doing her best at the age of twelve, showing people who visit that just because a schnauzer is barking at you, it doesn't mean they don't like you!
I hope that Jenne and Jeebers will love to show - I think Jeebers will, he's got some arrogance about him. And he's right to be arrogant, he's a gorgeous looking boy!

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