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Jul 18, 2008

What is Jebadiah looking for?

Jebadiah is looking for a new home, that's what he's looking for. Jebadiah is the last of out 'J' litter of schnauzer puppies to go to a new home. The only problem is he hasn't found that home yet.

We've been looking too, and we hope someone out there knows where his new home might be. He's a standard schnauzer, a lovely boy, just not as gorgeous as the boy and girl Holkschter Kennels are keeping for showing.

He is very cute though, but cute won't win, you need more than that. Cute can do protecting your home, playing with your children, sitting on your lap, if that's what you want. Jebadiah can do all of this and more! Obedience training for sure, maybe even trialling if that's what you want.

Jeb's sister Jenne is allowed to play with him now, she's feeling a lot better, still limping a little bit, but her eyes are looking good and the other symptoms are looking much better. We've all been worried about Jenne, but I think after our next visit to the vet on Monday, the news will be even better!

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