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Jul 25, 2008

Puppy News

Well, we're down to two schnauzer puppies now, and things are going nicely. Little Jenne has gotten over her illness, Jebadiah has found his new home, Jeebers is trying to convince the older dogs he has opinions worth listening to.

They don't believe him of course and they have to yell even louder to drown him out. I'm glad my neighbours are great people, because the barking today was even me mad. I must learn a secret trick to teach them to shoosh when I tell them to.

I've been getting even more into this whole blogging deal and wasted/spent several hours today on a couple of new blogs. It's all writing, it's all fun, but it doesn't get my novels written, our dogs groomed or housework done.

I've got a few writing things done today, not my own writing, but volunteer things that have been weighing on my conscience. I feel much lighter for having made a start on them. I recommend it for anybody who's prone to procratination, like I am. I know I'll sleep easier tonight, no waking up with a feeling of impending doom like I did the night before last.

Doom is not a good feeling, but I smiling now.

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