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Jul 26, 2008

What do my dogs do for me?

What do they do for me?

They amuse me, they give me a good reason to get out of bed, they keep me active.

What else? They give me things to write about! To me, as a writer, that's almost the best thing there is in the world! I wrote my self-published book because I had dogs who loved to garden. If it hadn't been for the dog who loved bonsai, the one who chased cockroaches obessively, the diggers, the pruners, 'Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs' would never have been written.

So what do I do for them? I feed them, clean up after them, pat them, give them things to do. Is there any thing else I can do for them?

Well, I've just found a website where I can find lots of fun things I can buy for my dogs.

Gifttree has a great range of things for dog lovers, from the useful to the quirky. And it's not just things for dogs, but cats are catered for too, and particularly cat owners. We've all got friends and family who are almost impossible to buy presents for, now there's a shop to help us in our search.

A browse of the GiftTree site www.gifttree.com/v3/Pet_Gifts-1.html find lots of things suitable for the fussiest cat or the fussiest cat owner. There's even a gift that combines two of my great loves - a gift basket for dog and wine lovers! It doesn't get much better than that, does it?

What things does your dog do for you? Have you ever stopped to have a think about it? Loyalty, affection, fun, exercise, I'm sure you can think of plenty more things.

I'm sure that once you've had a good think all the things your dog does for you, you'll want to buy a gift for your dog, to make up the difference. Gift Tree www.gifttree.com/v3/Pet_Gifts-1.htmlis just the place to visit and find that special gift for your special pet.

Time for me to face the rain and go and feed the puppies who are sleeping on the dog bed outside at the moment. I think I might have to buy one of the great dog towels I saw at Gift Tree - they both look a little damp!

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