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Jul 31, 2008

Update on Jenne

Jenne seems completely well now, no swelling of eyes or gums. I took her to Chris, our vet, this morning for her vaccination which had been postponed until she was well. 

I wanted to keep Jenne safe on the vet trip, so I put her in our soft crate, which has plenty of room whether there's a baby Schnauzer in there or an adult Pharaoh Hound (I don't think Kharis would fit in there though!).

Jenne, of course, loudly let me know that she resented being locked up like a common criminal. I just turned the volume of the radio up, and tried to ignore her. I've become passionate about securely tethering dogs in the car. Terrible accidents can occur if dogs can get loose. It doesn't bear thinking about. 

Anyway, Jenne's been pronounced fine by Chris, we just need to keep an eye out for any reaction to the vaccination. With Jenne's immune system problems, it may always be something to keep an eye on. It's such a shame, Jenne is the sweetest little puppy - naughty, but very cute with it!

I'll also be keeping a very close look on Jenne's mouth for another reason. Recently I looked at Jenne's mouth and was saddened to see her bite is not a correct scissor bite, but is undershot instead. The next day Jenne was at the vets and Chris looked at her bite and confirmed the undershot bite. Chris thinks it may be because Jenne was unwell at a crucial stage, and perhaps it may come good when Jenne's adult teeth come through. I certainly hope so - if her bite doesn't come good, it will be the end of her show career before it even starts. 

Jenne can still eat just fine thank you very much, no problems there! If the bite doesn't correct itself, Jenne will be looking for a pet home though.

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