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Aug 3, 2008

What do dogs do?

All day, our dogs are busy. At the moment Nena and La De Da are busy catching up on sleep. They're in their night time crate, curled up together sweetly. The crate is next to the computer and one or both of them have been busy farting as well. Time for some incense I think.

Rangler is busy checking out the comfort level of the grass out in the backyard (ie - she's sleeping)!

Ananka is Surprise, surprise, looking for something to chase. She takes her hunting role very seriously - I've written a poem about her:

Ananka's Pantoum

Crouched down low, tense & still

waiting for the perfect time.

She’ll wait there silently until

that perfect moment, so sublime.


Waiting for the perfect time

to launch herself into the air -

that perfect moment so sublime;

delicious tension, studied stare.


To launch herself into the air -

with birds about she’s never bored;

delicious tension, studied stare

then the leap that brings reward.


With birds about she’s never bored,

study, watch, listen, learn,

then the leap that brings reward.

Nothing’s free, you have to earn.


Study, watch, listen, learn,

apply the knowledge in her head.

Nothing’s free, you have to earn

that little birdie now so dead.

That's Ananka!

Missy is busy chewing something in the backyard next to her mother, Ananka. Jenne is busy being a good quiet little puppy safely locked up at the other end of the house - I can't let her out with Missy yet, Jenne is too small and Missy is too overbearing!

Kharis, I suspect is checking that our bed is still comfy - check out the photo on this page - that's where Kharis often is during the day - who can blame him? I'd like to be there now too!

It's a Dog's Life all right!


just a thought said...

I'd appreciate comments on the poem - Just a point - Ananka is a Pharaoh Hound, but they are a breed with many cat-like features.

Glenn said...

they are all so cute

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