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Jan 22, 2009

What's next?

Do you ever wonder what is going to come next, after something or other happens? It may be after the weekend, when you start a new job, anything at all.

I learnt a good thing today - I will be needed for the rest of the lawn bowls season. This is a good thing. I am really enjoying playing lawn bowls, so I'm glad I'm going to get more games in. I played pennants bowls today, and put down some good bowls as well as lots of rubbish ones.

There was a very strong crosswind all day, which is not a good thing when you're playing bowls, believe me. Our rink won, but not by enough to make up for our team on the other rink. Oh well, we have our eye on the top of the table, we just don't have our team's name up at the top yet And it was the top side that we played today, so there's no shame in not winning. So that's one thing in my life that is set for me.

And next week my husband goes back to work and my son goes back to school, so I have the house to my self again. Just me and the dogs. And I won't have to whinge and squabble and complain and negotiate to get some time on the computer. Negotiating is good for you, but it's a little tiring and even irritating at times. Anyway, that's a few things coming up that I know about. I also know the poetry reading I'm off to on Sunday will be fun. The guest poet is a young South Australian poet, Amelia Walker, who is very talented and is a lovely person too. It will be fun.

I'm starting a writing workshop next week too. One semester working on my project and with a bunch of other writers, with Jeff Guess. I've studied under Jeff previously and he is very good. A well respected poet and tutor. I'm hoping to get my first novel along to publishable stage - at the moment I've only got the first draft with notes and a deep feeling it's a pile of trash, except for some funny bits of writing every now and then. There are gaping holes in it, and some bits that just don't make sense. I hope I can change it into something to be proud of by the middle of the year.

So Tuesday nights will be spent at the Gawler library reading room with a handful of other writers, learning, writing, connecting. It's all good.

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