Puppy's mum says: La de is feeling a little bit better

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Mar 22, 2009

La de is feeling a little bit better

La De has been outside this morning, and seems a little better than yesterday. He's not going to the vet today, and I'll continue to keep an eye on him.

He's back inside again now, with Nena the schnauzer who is the dog who shares the big crate when they're inside keeping out of trouble. I hate it when our dogs are sick. So often I've taken dogs to the vet when I could have just kept them home and they'd get over whatever bug they have.

But dogs are precious companions, and you can't just leave them if they seem to be suffering. I'm banking on La De eating his tea tonight and being even better tomorrow morning. If he's not, it will be off to the vet, definitely.

Every time I have let La De outside today he seems to have improved, so fingers crossed! he'll be much better tomorrow.

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