Puppy's mum says: One of the dogs is sick

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Mar 21, 2009

One of the dogs is sick

It is so hard having living creatures in my life sometimes. They love me like no plant ever can, and when a plant gets sick, my heart is not involved in it. I don't care about plants the way I care about our dogs.

La De is flat and doesn't want to go outside, he's happy to just lie down and sleep in his bed, and has been happy doing that for most of the day. It's Sunday today, and I doesn't seem to be suffering that much, h just isn't his usual silly and active self.

I don't know what is wrong with him, but tomorrow is going to involve a trip to the vet I suspect, unless La De gets up and races around like normal tomorrow. It may be a tummy upset, after all this dog eats almost anything, food or not. He's very fond of stones, and dead things are delicious to him (to most dogs). Dogs have stomachs that are different to human stomachs and they can eat things that would not be at all good for a human being.

His eyes were a bit weepy, and he's flat - I know if I rang the vet know I'd be told they couldn't do anything, and I'd have to bring him in. So, tomorrow, when I won't get charged premium rates, La De and I have somewhere to go.

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