Puppy's mum says: We are born, we live, we die

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Aug 14, 2009

We are born, we live, we die

I'm sad and happy this week. Sad because our first Pharaoh Hound, Kharis (Ch Skiska Devils Desire) is gone. He succumbed to bloat earlier this week, and we buried him at home on Wednesday. Good bye Kharis.

But I am happy too because Kharis was such a joy - he brought us fun and happiness, he made us laugh and he was father to many lovely puppies, including Missy and La De Da, who both live with us still.

Having a living, breathing pet means that one day that pet will die. It's important to realise that, and when it happens, to focus on the good times you shared with your pet.

Kharis was one in a million. I miss him so much, but I can smile because I was able to live with a great dog for ten and a half years.

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