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Sep 21, 2009

Back from the vet

Rangler and I have been to the vet to get her some more tablets for her epilepsy. Chris (the vet) listened to her heart and checked her out, and he is very happy with her.

Rangler had a fun interaction with the cat that wanders around the waiting area, and behaved herself well. I wonder how the Pharaoh Hounds or our other Schnauzer Nena would have reacted?

I'm glad Rangler is doing so well.

She did have another fit just the other day, but I had forgotten to give her the tablets that morning, so I'll make sure now not to forget. The fits are worrying for us and worrying for Rangler. We're off to Sydney soon, and someone is going to stay at our place to look after the dogs. I've been assured that this person is capable of giving tablets to a dog - I'll check her out and see.

The dogs are all going to meet her this afternoon - I think it should work out OK. It's much better for Rangler to be at home where she knows where everything is. The person staying here knows dogs quite well, she lives with lots of Greyhounds, which are quite like Pharaoh Hounds.

I'm looking forward to the trip to Sydney - my oldest nephew is getting married, and his family all have to travel from interstate where he lives. Good luck to Greg and Melissa!

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