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Oct 11, 2009

Back home again!

We just got back from out holiday to Sydney for Greg and Melissa's wedding. The wedding was lovely, the reception after was fun. Our motel in Sydney was possibly the worst I've stayed in.

We got locked inside on the first night because the door handle broke and the phone didn't work! We had water dripping from the ceiling almost non-stop! The hot water tap kept falling off! It was a long weekend and the motel wasn't serving any food apart from rubbish from a vending machine! We had no toaster or microwave oven!

We had fun in Canberra though, and I got a lot of writing done on my serial killer/werewolf novel. Haven't written a word more on it since we got home though.

We bought a new dog, Rusty - he doesn't need food and he doesn't bark. Ideal dog? Well, he doesn't have big eyes that look deeply into your heart. He's made out of a scrap sheet of iron. He truly is Rusty!

We stayed in Balranald on the way over and the way back and I had my best win on the pokies ever - I doubled my money! I put in $3.00 and won $6.00 and then I stopped. Clever, hey?

It's lovely to be home. The dogs stayed at home and a friend of our son's stayed to look after them. The dogs are fine and the house didn't get burnt down, so it was all good.

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