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Oct 16, 2009

All's right in the world

The dogs are all curled up asleep, husband and son are off to play lawn bowls. Dinner is planned and it will be good. the only bad thing is that I still haven't got around to turning off the TV. I should - I don't like the Professional Wrestling.

There, done. Bye bye to those silly strutters, hello to sweet, sweet silence.

I do appreciate Randy Orton though. It's such a shame they give him story lines that don't meet up to my thoughts about him.

On to the real reason for this blog - not much really. As I said, the dogs are curled up asleep, some outside in sunny spots, some inside. All is good. The dishes are done, no washing to do today, I could get on with writing my novel, couldn't I?

Well I could, but I think we all know I probably won't. I'll think about some of the people in it though, perhaps. Hello guys! Keep thinking at me!

Enough silliness. Time for another cup of coffee, and some proper creative writing - typing up poems from Thursday and other things.

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