Puppy's mum says: Multiple Sclerosis and Wii Fit

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Apr 20, 2010

Multiple Sclerosis and Wii Fit

It’s well past time for a new post here. It won’t be so dog focussed, although a dog will be mentioned in passing. It will be mostly about me, Hey, it’s my blog!

I’ve just begun a new exercise program. I’ve exercised in the past, every now and then, but with no real compelling for it other than maybe losing a bit of weight and toning up a bit. But in February a health scare and subsequent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, had focussed me on exercising to maintain what I have and helping me to stay mobile.

I now go to exercise classes once a week, put on by the MS Society, where I’ve met other people who also have MS and are dealing with it by keeping moving as much as they can.

It is inspiring and encouraging to meet up with people who completely know what I am going through, because they are already dealing with the same thing. Nothing beats finding others who are completely understanding. If I go and sit down during class, everyone knows it’s because I have to, not because I’m too unfit or too lazy.

So, with the combination of once a week classes, and Wii Fit at least twice a week, preferably more often, I will get fitter, and keep going. I need the strength to wrestle with Missy, our youngest pharaoh hound.

Missy has had gunky eyes for a while, and we took her to the vet on Friday last week. We now have a medication to put in Missy’s eyes twice a day. This involves Jake and I wrestling with her – one person tries to hold her down, the other administers a drop in each eye.

This can be simple, if the dog lets you do it. It can be quite challenging if they don’t! It’s all good fun, and it’s a tiny bit of a workout for the three of us. Missy gets a treat and lots of pats, and her eyes are looking much healthier!

Keeping on track of your health and the health of those you love is such an important thing.

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