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Apr 21, 2011

What Should You Feed Your Dog?

One thing that can send a new dog owner around the bend, is trying to work out what to feed their new dog. If you have bought a young puppy from a registered breeder, the breeder will probably give you plenty of advice on this subject. I know that's what we've always done.

Every puppy we sell goes to its new home with written instructions on food, grooming and training. The puppy also goes with a couple of days worth of dog food. We always advise new owners to stick with the same food as the puppy has been used to eating, at least to start with.

Some new owners decide to go their own way with what they feed their puppy. This is OK, but I always stress the new owner makes the change to the new feeding regime slowly. Changing the dog food suddenly can lead to an upset tummy for the pup, with dire results. As long as you make the change slowly though, it should work out well, as long as you are feeding the growing puppy a diet that has everything the pup needs.

Some dog owners decide to feed their dog food they put together themselves, rather than feeding one of the prepackaged dog foods. At our place, our dogs eat mostly a good dry food, with occasional extras. Our dogs are going well on this diet, and the cost is well within what we can easily afford. We have fed a much more expensive dog food, but I can't really see much difference in the dogs from changing to a lower grade of dog food.

We feed a premium dog food, rather than a super premium dog food. The price difference is quite large. Anyway, going back to home made dog food - if we were going to go this way, I would go by this website Click Here! . There is a lot of very useful information there, and I am sure your dog will go well if you feed them this way.

We're all different, owners and their dogs, and there is more than just one way to properly feed ourselves and our pets. As long as your dog is given enough food, not too much of it, but just the right amount, and the food given is the best kind of food you can give them, then all should be well.

Good luck with your dog, I hope you both have a great life together!

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