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May 26, 2011

Not the End of the World

OK, so we haven't had the Rapture thingy yet. I can wait another five months to see it not happen again!

Some people believed in it, and I'm wondering now how they feel. Do they still believe God is going to take them soon or do they feel ripped off? I guess if you can believe in a great being way up there looking down on you, you might find it easy to believe other things, if they're presented to you in the right way.

As a non-believer in God, I can't see how people can get excited about these matters, I just sit back and smirk in a probably smug and superior way. I do believe in something though - I believe in Nature and Nature's force for giving and taking away.

This force isn't all about whether or not we pray or pay attention to some man written book. This force is all about whether we pay attention to the natural world and give Nature the respect due to it. This isn't going well and we may or may not be receiving the punishment we deserve, I don't know. I'm no scientist, and I haven't read all of the scientific news about it all.

I just know how I feel about things, and I feel that Nature will win in the end, and that Nature doesn't actually care whether or not the human race gets through to the end of this day or week, month, year or century. Nature will still be there for a very long time, plants and animals of various kinds will still be there too. It might be only cockroaches and bacteria, who knows?

At the end of the human race, Nature might give a big sigh and move on with a new spring in the step. The Sun will shine, rain will fall and there will be rainbows, even if there are no people to see it happen.

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