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Jun 20, 2011

A good day's work

Some days I don't seem to do much, I just drift around the house and the internet without much to prove I've had a worthwhile day. Some days it wouldn't have made a lot of difference if I had just stayed in bed.

Well, that's not actually true, the dogs wouldn't be happy with me if I stayed in bed, because if I did that, they wouldn't be able to go out, come back in, go out again, come back in, etc! I don't mind that much being the door lady, I suppose. It's a job that has to be done, otherwise the house would get very, very messy. I'm not a great housewife, but I'm certainly not that bad!

Anyway, today wasn't one of those do nothing days. Today I was out of bed before Jake left for school. Today I finished off two subjects of my TAFE studies and sent them off to my lecturer. Today I did kennel maid duties, spoke to a person about an article in the Mallala Crossroad Chronicle. Today I bought more Viscotears for Missy's eyes, and more postage stamps for the household.

Today I also filled out and sent off a questionnaire, and filled out and sent off a form to do a new volunteer thing. So the day has been a busy and productive one. I also found out there's a brand new baby in the district, young Herbie, another son to Dylan and Bek Stodart.

So today has been a good day. Now though, even though it's getting on to my usual bedtime, I have to stay up so I can pick Jake up in Mallala after the school Forum event. It will be good for me, certainly good for Jake, and I can perhaps sleep in a little in the morning.

There, that's my day, how was your day today?

I wrote this blog post some time ago. I'm not sure why I didn't actually post it, but I'm posting it today to help me to remember that day, when I did things and thought enough of those things to write them down. I've done some things today too.

I watered some of our plants, in particular our bonsai collection. Well loved little trees in shallow little pots that suffer the most when the watering doesn't occur. I watered our hanging pots too, because Graham asked me to, and I had no reason not to do it.

I filled up the dog's water bowl outside. It is our duty to make sure the dogs always have water available. I cleaned the stove top a little (not enough to make it clean, but that may happen later). I cleaned the bathroom sink well, I put away the washed clothes from yesterday.

I put dogs out and let them back in, I put our pharaoh hound boy, Lah Dee, down the back dog run because he didn't want to come inside and I didn't want to leave him in the back yard because he loves to dig holes, and we don't want any more holes in the back yard. I can hear Lah Dee barking now, no, he's stopped again. Hmm I'll see later if he wants to come inside, or I may leave him there longer.

Some of the things I've done this morning may have been because Mum's visiting this morning and I wanted to actually do something in preparation for that. Usually I go to her place once a week, but I don't have a car available at the moment, because I crashed my car on Monday night and it's been written off by my insurance company. It hurts when I thing about that, but it could have been so much worse. My car is a wreck but I am fine...

That's enough for this blog post, I might stray into too sad places if I go further right now, and I have other things I want to do now. I've written a poem about my car crash and that makes it all feel better. Writing about things creatively is how I get my head around things. Personal creative therapy is my personal healing. It's the thing I want to do to assist other people for the rest of my life. I haven't got to that place yet, but I'm edging closer all of the time.

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