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I would love to help you with any of these issues, and more. My husband and I have bred many puppies over the last twenty years, and every puppy born at our home is important to us. Whether the puppy became a show dog or a much loved pet, it always remained 'our' puppy to some extent. We always cared about the wellbeing of that puppy.

I would love to be there for you too, if you have a new dog or pup, or if you're thinking of getting one, I would love to help you make the right choices for yourself, your family and for your puppy or dog.

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Apr 10, 2012

Which is the Perfect Pet for You?

Choosing the right pet can be a tricky thing at times. You may see a cute puppy in a pet shop and fall in love with the big brown eyes, without considering any of the large number of issues involved in pet owning.

I've written an article about some of the pets I've had over the years, you can read it here . If you have other ideas about great a great pet to have, please leave a comment here, or on the article comments section. I've never had any weird or unusual pets, but I  love to read stories about other people's experiences with 'out of the ordinary' pets.

No, I don't have chimpanzees as pets! These ones are at the Adelaide Zoo so I can go visit them again if I want to. Some people do have chimps as pets though, and they love them, or say they do. I watched an American program recently all about wild animals that were kept as pets. One of the people on the show had owned a chimp that badly hurt a woman, almost ripping her entire face off. I would never want a pet that could do that!

My mum sometimes has spiders in her house, huntsman spiders. She doesn't immediately get the insect killer when she sees one, although that is the reaction lots of people may have. My mum considers it a good thing to have these large spiders in the house, or if not a good thing, at least an OK thing. She figures spiders eat flies, so if she got one in the house it may eat any flies that get in.

I love my mum's way of thinking on this one. My mother is a special person! The spiders aren't pets, they come and go as they please, they're just creatures my mother happily shares her home with.

So, what pets have you had, or still have? I'd love to read about your unusual pets!

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