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Sep 13, 2012

Making Dog Treats

Would you like to learn how to make treats for your dogs? Click Here! for a link to a great recipe book.

We've got four dogs living at our place. I don't have a paid job, and I have lots of spare time. Add to that the fact that I quite like cooking, and you have to wonder why I don't make yummy treats for our dogs!

They have quite eclectic tastes, they love vegetables and fruit, they eat anything they catch (usually spotted turtledoves). They don't bother catching and eating mice though, much to our annoyance!

Our hounds may think mice aren't good enough for them I don't know, but I do know I wish the dogs would keep the mice out of the kitchen!

Anyway, our dogs may not keep the mice away, but they keep us amused in many different ways. They sit when they're told to sit (most of the time). They come when we call them (as long as there's nothing else that catches their attention).

Maybe if I start making treats for them, they'll be more eager to come running when I want them? What do you think?

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