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Oct 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Puppy Dog!

Yes, today is birthday for one of our dogs. Lah Dee, show name Holkschter Lah Dee Dah, is having his 6th birthday today, according to my calendar. So we've lived with this funny and frustrating hound for six years. He drives us crazy with his naughty habit of digging holes on the back lawn, but he makes us laugh with his funny ways and his goofy playfulness.

Hounds can be like that - the goofy playfulness seems to be a common thing with Pharaoh Hounds, and other sight hounds too, from what I've seen and read. The other dog breed I know well is the Standard Schnauzer. Std Schnauzers don't usually have as much goofiness, and certainly I haven't seen it in our girl Schnauzers, just the boys sometimes.

Even though it's Lah Dee's birthday, we won't have anything much in the way of celebrations for him. I've given him an extra pat today, and I think Jake has too, but that will probably be it. We've never really gone in for birthday celebrations for our dogs over the years of being into showing and breeding them, and now that our dogs are pets only, we still don't do much.

It may be because we look on our dogs as dogs, not replacements for children. I'm not sure. I know other people make a lot more of a fuss for their beloved pooches on birthdays. I'm OK with other people doing that, it's just not our way.

Do you celebrate your pet's birthday? I'd love to hear about you ideas on this. Please leave a message and tell me all about it!

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