Puppy's mum says: Our Dogs are Dogs, They Like Killing Things

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Oct 8, 2012

Our Dogs are Dogs, They Like Killing Things

We have four dogs, living with us in the house and in the backyard. In the backyard, the dogs come into their own, they're hunters, they love to hunt! It's been an ongoing thing for us at this time of year though - creatures, wild ones, are out and about, looking for food, mates and whatever else they need when Spring comes along. These creatures seem distracted in Spring, and fall foul of our dogs with their zest for hunting.

Yesterday we had a wild visitor to the backyard, a reptile, fortunately not a snake, but a blue tongue lizard. These lizards are quite common in South Australia, and the one we had yesterday is certainly not the first one we've ever had. There was one in the yard a fortnight ago, that lost in the battle with the dogs, and it died.

This most recent lizard had obviously had a run in with one of the dogs, I don't know which one, but the lizard had the end of its tail bitten off. I kept an eye on proceedings once I knew the lizard was there, I wanted to give it a chance to go somewhere else, away from our pack of hounds, somewhere it could heal itself...

Today, the lizard is nowhere in sight, so the dogs are having more free time out in the yard, but, as usual, they're happy to be inside most of the time, on their favourite place to lie down - the dog sofa!

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